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How does it work? 

It costs nothing to feature your business on a Google+ business Page. Add Business View, and your customers can walk around, explore and interact with your business like never before. What’s more; you’re free to add the virtual tour and additional photos to your own website. Full instructions are also provided.Prospective customers will now be able to have a look around your business, just like being there, and when they like what they see, they are more likely to become a new customer to your business.

As you know, a massive proportion of new customers do their research before visiting your premises, whether it is a restaurant, pub, shop or showroom, and compare you against your competitors… 

Now, imagine if you have a virtual tour on your Google Business Page, your customers will be able to not just see your business, but SEE INSIDE IT! This encourages strangers to become YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS and not your competitors! 

Elevate Your Virtual Tour Experience

Elevate Photography now can add an additional layer (overlay) to the Google tours for enhanced use?

An overlay adds more interactivity so that you get more from your virtual tour.

Click the link below for an example tour with our OVERLAY

The standard Google tours are navigated by clicking on arrows as we all know, An overlay adds to this functionality with a side or top menu so that the tour becomes more manageable. You can jump from one area to another without having to continuously click arrows along an unimportant corridor, for example in a hotel.

  • Company branding is included.
  • Auto spin which slowly rotates as the tour is also an option.
  • Click on Hotspots can be added for anything in the tour.

Embedding the overlay into a website is simple and our help available always if required.


Google Business View 

When you choose to include Google Business View, a specially trained independent photographer, selected by Google, will take a range of photographs for use in the photos section of the Google+ Business page (also known as POI’s). The photographer will also shoot the virtual tour, before processing the tour to Google’s quality standards so that it will appear on your Google Business page.

There does not need to be any disruption to your trading.  

Using specialist equipment, the tour typically takes about one hour on site, depending on its size. When completing the free survey we will give you an estimate of the time required to shoot the entire business however you’re welcome to have your tour scheduled outside of working hours. As on Street View, any faces and car registration numbers are blurred due to privacy restrictions.

“What if I don’t understand how to use the Internet or I don’t have a website?” 

Don’t worry. We have plenty of experience with the Internet, websites, search engines, etc., and we are entirely happy to help you gain a little knowledge, so that you can easily maintain your Google Business Page. It really does not matter if you do not have a website, but we can offer you help and advice to get your business online simply if you wish to do so.

Street View Tour Examples

Take a look around... Click and drag the image to look around or use the navigation to jump to a different business.